At Traverous, we have maintained a tradition. At the start of each month, we choose one traveler from Traverous users (all of which happen to be great travelers). And award them Traveler of the Month title for that month. The selection is mostly based on how amazing the overall experience of the traveler was based on the video travel journal they record through Traverous app and publish publicly. In this process, we use their public travel journal videos recorded in previous month.

When we talk to these adventurous beings, we get to know some amazing stories and learn about their beautiful and memorable travel experiences. So this month, we decided to also write a blog about our Traveler of the Month.

Meet Francesca. She is from Milan, Italy. She left her job to travel Southeast Asia. She has been to Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong so far.

She was in Vietnam the last time we spoke and she is loved it. She says Vietnamese people are very friendly and sweet, food is awesome and the landscapes are great.

The best places she has visited so far, according to her, are the
Ha Gian loop and Ban Gioc waterfalls.

She rented a motorbike in Ha Gian and drove all the way to the waterfalls that are located at the north eastern Vietnamese border with China. Landscapes were stunning, during her entire road trip.

However, she says that local people were the most interesting part, they differ from one village to another in the way they dress, in the language they speak and in their appearance! Within few kilometers one can see totally different ethnic groups.

“Traverous allowed me to record all the road trips and keep a good memory of the things that I saw each day in a short video: I am extremely grateful for that!”


If you ask us, we are extremely grateful for being able to serve travelers like you. Thanks to Francesca and all the awesome travelers who are using Traverous to record, revisit and share their travel experiences.

Watch Francesca’s travel journals on her Traverous profile.

Happy traveling ❤

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