How to record travel journal with Traverous?

Traverous travel journal feature make travel tracking really easy

If you want to enjoy every moment of your journeys and still want the ability to preserve all of your memories in your travel journal… you’ve arrived at the right place. Traverous makes bird-eye view video of your whole experience at the end of your journey that you recorded with Traverous. A big plus point is that it only requires your minimum input while you are traveling.

Download the Traverous app​ and start recording travel journals of your journeys.

Record travel journal

To start recording your travel journals with Traverous app, follow these steps

  • Open the app
  • Login​ or ​Register ​to join Traverous community (internet required)

After getting inside, you will see Travel Feed. Here you can see the Travel Journal videos of travelers, whom you are following, as well as top journeys shared publicly on Traverous app by the travelers worldwide.

Record your own

Before the start of your journey,

  • Press the ​Record ​button, you will see a ​Start ​button with a map on screen.
Traverous - Step 1: Record Your Journey
  • The app would ask you to allow it to run in background because it records your location in background. Make sure you allow it otherwise your recorded route might be broken/incorrect. Then press Start.
Traverous - Step 2: Start Recording

That is it. Now, Traverous is recording your journey. It can do so without even an internet connection.

Capture all the moments that you want to relive. Take photos, make video glimpses and make Check-ins using the app while you are traveling.

  • To take photo click the camera icon on the screen
  • To make videos press the icon of video camera
  • To add photos from gallery go to gallery button
  • To add check-ins, click the pin icon on the screen
Traverous - Step 3: Add Media

Once you’ve reached your destination and stopped your journey, you can do really interesting tweaking to make your travel journal video more personalized!

  • Stop the recording by pressing ​Stop​ button
Traverous - Step 4: Stop Recording
  • Fill the starting and ending place
Traverous - Step 5: Edit Details
  • Review the media that you added along the route. You can also add more images using the button on top right.
Traverous - Step 6: Edit/Add Media
  • Select music according to your taste which will be played in video background
Traverous - Step 7: Embed Custom Music
  • Press Upload if you are online. Otherwise, press Save as Draft (under 3 dots menu) to save your video and upload it later.
Traverous - Step 8: Upload Your Journey

You can publish your travel journal videos publicly or privately. Public videos are visible to everyone in Travel Feed and can get featured in Discover section. Private videos can only be seen by you and your followers.

Your animated video will be ready within few hours after your journey is uploaded. The app notifies you when the upload is complete and also when your video is ready. You can like, comment, share or even download that video to your phone.

Enjoy a carefree journey where you are not obliged to capture everything because Traverous will do it for you! Start documenting your travel experiences with Traverous.

Happy traveling 😊

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